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Check out our weekly podcast, in which we chat about films, TV comics and gaming.

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Bonfire to Boss

Watch two guys compete to see who can defeat Dark Souls bosses the quickest

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Reel Film Rewrites

In this Youtube series we take bad films and try to make them great.

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Film Festival – Part 1

People don’t make films to win awards.

Or at least I don’t.

Yet, that doesn’t mean it isn’t very nice when awards come along. It’s a collective of people telling you that you did a good job and that’s really cool. I’ve won a couple of tiny, barely significant things in my short life as a filmmaker, but even they made me feel ‘accomplished’.

Thor Ragnarok Review

Thor: Ragnarok comes on the back of two underwhelming outings for the God of Thunder. Thor: The Dark World is less than popular and the more that time passes, the more it seems that everyone hates Age of Ultron. Both are fine films, in fact, they’re both perfectly enjoyable. But that doesn’t change the fact that Ragnarok really needed to be a win for everyone’s favourite Nordic God/ alien.