#22 The Shape of Phantom Tonya

Welcome back to the podcast! 
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This week we review some Oscar bait with The Shape of Water, The Post, I, Tonya and Phantom Thread. 
We also look back at some films from pre-2010 with Zodiac, There will be Blood and The Road. 
Also in the podcast is some discussion about the new Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer as well as a look at Deadpool 2 and Venom. 
Matt also raises his issues with what is widely regarded a masterpeice, Zelda Breath of the Wild. 
In book club, we look at Batman: Haunted Knight and next week’s is the film Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

00:00:00 – Han Solo: A Solo Star Wars Solo Film trailer chat & trailers
00:24:25 – The Road 
00:29:20 – Zodiac 
00:32:18 – There will be Blood 
00:43:00 – REVIEWS (The Post, I, Tonya, The Shape of Water, Phantom Thread) 
01:12:00 – Book Club – Batman: Haunted Knight 

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