#33 Kingsman, The Handmaiden & Going in Style

Welcome back to the Reel Film Podcast!

In the news this week we chat about Infinity War and Kevin Feige, Star Wars episode 9 release date and Wes Anderson’s latest film.

In the trailer of the week we cover Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

In Reel Issues we chat about ‘The Button’ and The Princess Diarist.

Our film reviews of the week are The Handmaiden and Going in Style

Thanks for listening!

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00:02:50 It’s the News

00:25:20 Trailer of the week – Kingsman

00:34:40 Reel Issues – The Button and Princess Diarist

00:48:37 Box Office Showdown

00:55:50 Reivews – The Handmaiden and Going in Style

01:18:50 – Question of the Weeek – Mark Millar

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