Batman v Superman deleted scene released!

Here it is!

Also, spoilers for Batman v Superman below, obviously.

Yeah…not sure what’s going on here but it sure is…something.

I’m not sure how or where this fits into the film or what the purpose of this scene is. But I noticed a few things!

It looks like we have a glimpse at some Mother Boxes which are living computers found in the DC universe that have been used in the past by Darkseid, whose appearance in future DC films is strongly hinted at in BvS. There also seems to be a Mother Box in Cyborg’s origin scene in BvS. So that’s something right?

Apparently this scene takes place after Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman defeat doomsday and I’m guessing this is when he is arrested. This may be how Lex learns that ‘He’, presumably Darkseid, is coming and he informs Batman of this at the end of the film.

Maybe it’ll all become clear in Zack Snyder’s 3 hour directors cut.

But probably not, we’re more likely to learn the answer in Justice League, which is due to start shooting anytime now.



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