Has the Title for the new Spiderman Film been revealed?

Well, has it? Maybe, maybe not. But a thing has happened.

And yes, we are getting s new Spiderman so soon after 2014’s Amazing Spiderman 2. But this one will be good. Probably.

Sony Pictures, who now thankfully have decided to share Spidey with Marvel Studios, have registered the URL SpiderManHomecomingTheMovie.com (via the BBC). So, will the solo film, coming next year in partnership with Marvel, be titled Spiderman: Homecoming?

Possibly, but studios often register multiple domain names for upcoming films just to cover their bases before they settle on a title, so probably don’t read too much into it for now.


Ignoring that, lets speculate!

Homecoming is the title of Amazing Spider-Man #252 and tells the story of Spiderman’s return to New York from a large comic-event called Secret Wars and with a fancy new symbiote suit! (which later turns out to be Venom). Remember him from Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman 3?

Iron Man and Captain America also make appearances in the comic and we know as part of the Sony-Marvel deal, Marvel’s characters can appear in Spiderman solo films.

So, interesting stuff…or maybe not. Who knows?

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