Reel Film Podcast #6 Is Suicide Squad really that bad?

Welcome back to the Reel Film Podcast. In episode number 6, we delve into the depths of Suicide Squad. What did we think of a film which has been slated by fans and critics alike? 

And importantly, what did we think of The Joker? Does Jared Leto live up to those infamous stories about his method acting?

How does Suicide Squad leave the DCEU, going into Wonder Woman and Justice League?

We also discussed the Batman Telltale game, why people shouldn’t get mad at critics’ reviews and we explained why you should pick up Midnight Special and Eddie the Eagle on home video release this week.

Thanks for listening everyone. Be sure to share with your friends, family or complete strangers on the various social media platforms if you’ve enjoyed it. You’d be doing us a massive favour, so thanks in advance. Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode. Did you like Suicide Squad? Have people been harsh on it?

In next week’s episode we’re going to be discussing the topic of superhero fatigue and we want your thoughts. Are you fed up of 3 or 4 superhero films a year and why? When did you get fed up? You can vote in our twitter poll below.

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