Reel Issues #18 Infinity War, Punisher and Star Wars Preview

On the episode this week: There’s loads of trailers, so many that we forgot to talk about some of them. BUT we did talk about Ready Player One, Jurassic Park and the Avengers: Infinity War ones.

We also reviewed a tonne of films this week in Battle of the Sexes, Ingrid Goes West and Molly’s Game and the Netflix game is strong as we review Mindhunter and The Punisher.

We kicked off our Star Wars preview with some excellent listener feedback before we gave our thoughts on our hopes/ expectations/ fears for The Last Jedi.

Thanks for listening!

00:03:10 News (Jurassic Park, Ready Player One, Infinity War)

00:26:07 Reviews (Battle of the Sexes, Mindhunter, Molly’s Game, Ingrid Goes West, The Punisher)

00:46:30 Star Wars HYPE


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