Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Beta

The original Star Wars Battlefront games will hold a special place in the hearts of most people in their 20’s. So when it was announced we’d be getting more, fans were expecting something pretty spectacular.

2015’s Battlefront offered plenty, I’m not ashamed to admit I sunk tens of hours into playing it, boasting a 17 game winning streak at one point, I even stretched for the Season Pass. However a lot of fans, and people that liked the game, myself include, had gripes about this product always feeling unfinished. There was no doubting the slickness and visuals of the game or that childlike grin that crosses your face every time you hear a TIE fighter, but there was no campaign, the leveling up was frustrating and overall the game felt it was lacking depth. It felt like there was part of it missing, like it was hurried out incomplete to tie into¬†The Force Awakens.

So, when we knew we were getting a second one, and one that had a campaign, I for one was excited to get the game that we should have got in 2015.

I was so excited that when the beta dropped I decided to make a little video about it.


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