The Birmingham Film Fesitval

This post was supposed to be called ‘The Festival – Part 2’. However that wouldn’t do justice to what The Birmingham Film Festival offered us.
Only in it’s second year, the organisers have done an incredibly impressive job of making it what it is in such a short space of time. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) returning to them in the future.
‘Back to the Start’ was screened at midday on a Friday along with five other films. There’s always nerves when watching your own work, you notice the mistakes, the errors, the things you should have done better and each time you watch it, you’ll generally find something new to wish you’d done differently. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of ‘Back to the Start’, but I’ll always notice it’s faults. But that’s okay, I can learn from them and it doesn’t damage what we achieved making the film.
Watching it alongside other selected films was even more nerve wracking. Automatically an audience is going to be comparing these films to each other. Is it better than the one that just went? Is it going to stick in the mind after they’ve sat through five short films? I’m happy to say, ‘Back to the Start’ held it’s own like a plucky underdog. Lower budget than the rest it didn’t stand out as a lesser piece of work, I’d even go to say it was better than a couple of the others.
A couple of good comments from the audience go a long way to making you realise you’re actually okay at this.
If you’re ever around a film festival, go to it. To get a ticket to a block of films is pretty dam cheap. We’re all quick to pay £10 for a ticket to the fifth film in a dying franchise but won’t spend half that on supporting growing talent. I’m not lecturing, I’ve hardly spent nearly enough time at film festivals myself but having my film screened at one has opened my eyes to how important it is to have a good audience there. I’ll be making more of an effort to get myself down to them.
The Birmingham Film Festival drew to a close ‘Back to the Starts’ successful festival run. Unfortunately we didn’t win Best Original Score but just to get nominated is great. It’s now time for Back to the Start to enter the big wide world and be seen by you lovely people. So here it is!
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